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Little Nelly -1969 Austin Healy Sprite IV

Feel the wind in your hair behind the wheel of the 1969 Austin Healey Sprite mk4. This eager tiny 2-seat British roadster beckons you to take the top down and hit the open roads for pure driving enjoyment.

– Vintage styling and wire wheels recall classic British sports cars – Lightweight design and nimble handling make driving a blast
– Peppy 1275cc engine delivers quick acceleration
– Perfect weekend getaway car for sunny days

With its tiny proportions and sporty performance, the Austin Healey Sprite mk4 makes every trip an adventure. The small size allows you to zip through traffic, and the responsive steering connects you to the road below. Find winding backroads and carve up the curves, or cruise the coastal route with the top down.

The Austin Healey Sprite mk4 brings a smile to any driving enthusiast. Its classic throwback style and eagerness for the open road promise miles of affordable fun. Take this tiny British roadster on your next jaunt and experience the joy of wind-in-the-hair motoring.

Engine: 1275cc 4 cylinder

Transmission: 4 speed manual

Extras: 2 seater soft top with tonneau cover.

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Coleman - 1973 MGB GT

Enjoy the iconic MGB GT. This classic British sports car delivers excellent performance with its responsive 1800cc engine and manual overdrive transmission.

– Sleek, aerodynamic lines and sporty styling turn heads wherever you go
– Comfortable leather seats, perfect on long drives
– Nimble handling and lightweight design make this grand tourer easy and fun to drive

With its perfect balance of power, comfort, and agility, the MGB GT provides an unforgettable driving experience. Cruise scenic coastal routes in style, challenge yourself on curvy backroads, or take a relaxing weekend getaway – the adventures are endless with this iconic roadster. Who wouldn’t want to drive this piece of motoring history?

Bring the excitement of the open road home with the legendary MGB GT.

Engine: 1.8 Twin Carb;

Transmission: 4 speed Manual with Overdrive;

Seating: 2 seater with jump seat.


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Gus - 1972 Triumph Stag - the Coventry Cruiser

Relive the glamour of a bygone era with the Triumph Stag, this classic British convertible overflowing with retro charm. This luxury cruiser turns back time with its iconic styling, smooth and responsive V8 engine, and comfy interior with seating for 4.

– Powerful V8 engine delivers silky acceleration and the most melodic of exhaust notes
– Quality convertible soft top lowers to let you enjoy the wind in your hair
– Classic British styling stands out in any crowd

The Stag is a truly comfortable cruiser with its wood accents, tactile steering wheel, and ride-smoothing independent rear suspension. The convertible top stows away neatly, allowing you to soak up the sun and scenery.

Who will love cruising down memory lane in this British beauty? It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or exploring the Scottish Highland (NC500 o NE250). A car with timeless elegance and performance. With its smooth V8 power, the Stag is ready for top-down tours through winding Scottish scenery.

Engine: 3.0 V8 Petrol, 145 BHP, 160 lb.ft;

Transmission: 4 Speed + Overdrive Manual, Rear wheel drive;

Steering & Suspension: Power assistance, fully independent, double wishbone front , semi trailing arm rear;

Seating: 4 with seatbelts;

Luggage space: Mid sized boot, soft bags ideally, plus option of rear set space if no passengers;

Extras: Dual USB socket, 12V socket and radio.

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Skye - 1976 Triumph TR6

Take a ride down memory lane with the 1976 Triumph TR6. Feel the wind in your hair and the roar of the engine with the Triumph TR6, a classic British sports car that’s ready for adventure. This iconic 2-seat roadster from the 1970s features:

– Powerful and smooth 2.5L straight-six engine with distinctive exhaust note.
– Positive 4-speed manual transmission with Overdrive gearbox
– Tight, responsive handling with independent suspension
– Distinctive classic styling and design

With its rear-wheel drive and sporty chassis, the TR6 delivers an exciting driving experience on twisty roads and highways alike. Who doesn’t love the feel of a lightweight British sports car, the wind blowing as you chase the horizon? The TR6 brings a taste of motoring glory to your Highland Escape or weekend getaway.

Engine: 2.5L straight six engine

Transmission: 4 speed manual with overdrive

Extras: 2 seater convertible

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Eleanor - 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

Feel the thunder of the open road with the Classic Ford Mustang. This iconic muscle car is an American legend with the power to make your dreams come true.

– 289 cubic inch V8 engine pumps out classic American muscle
– Sleek, sporty coupe design turns heads wherever you go
– Comfortably seats 4 passengers for sharing the magic
– Brings your road trip dreams to life with the original Pony car

With its rumbling V8 and head-turning style, the ’67 Mustang 289 lets you live out your road trip fantasies in vintage American style. This pony car has the attitude and performance to make you feel on top of the world as you chase adventure across the blacktop.

Built in the era of drive-ins and diners, the Mustang 289 embodies the American dream. It’s your ticket to freedom and individuality. Don’t just dream it – drive it.

Engine: 4.7 Ltr V8

Transmission: Automatic

Extras: 4 seater coupe, Left Hand Drive

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